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Kvapų namaiI-VI 10-22, VII 10-21
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Kvapų namaiOzo g. 18, Vilnius; PC "OZAS", (II-floor)
"Kvapų namai" is the biggest manufacturer of natural cosmetics and aromatherapy products in Lithuania since 2007. We use only top quality materials of natural and ecological fragrant substances and cosmetic oils, which are carefully selected from reliable suppliers from all over the world.

“Kvapų namai” offers the widest range of exceptional quality essential and cosmetic oils in Lithuania. We have over 600 different sorts of pure essential oils and fragrant substances, rare cosmetic oils, hydrolates and other unique products here. Also a range of effective branded natural cosmetics created in “Kvapų namai” laboratory.

Professional “Kvapų namai" consultants will help you selecting the best matching personalized cosmetic and aromatherapy basket from our very wide range.
We are passionate about plants and botanical products, and refuse using synthetics and substitutes in all our products.

“Kvapų namai” is strong in research and development of natural extracts and their usage in cosmetics and aromatherapy products. Expertise and knowledge guarantees product safety as well as usage of high quality raw material, which we choose not by price, but by quality criteria directly from farms all over the world.

Each year “Kvapų namai” introduces unique natural cosmetic, perfume and aromatherapy products to the market.

“Kvapų namai” also develops educational and cultural projects. We are organizing cosmetic and perfumery workshops, various lectures, aromatherapy seminars. Our lectors and experts are known opinion leaders in aromatherapy and natural cosmetics.